Eight-year-old me helping decorate an apartment at Amethyst Place.

About Me

Hi, I’m Drue Bowen. 

I’m a senior in high school who is driven by a love for creating. When I was growing up, I was surrounded by people like my grandmother and mom, who both were extremely creative and loving. I would watch as they turned something plain, like a blank canvas or empty apartment into something full of warmth and life. This proximity to exciting and lively activities inspired me to become like them — someone who was able to work their hardest whatever the circumstance, and create something beautiful. 

Since then I have been drawn to art in every form. Whether it is crocheting a sweater for myself or working to create a costume for a child in a wheelchair, I love working hard to make things that radiate warmth and joy.

I am always seeking out ways to achieve this, so rather than committing myself to one style of art, I have been constantly trying new things. Each one of my pieces has been the result of my passion for learning new techniques, styles, and forms that I would have never thought to try before. I put all of my efforts into projects where maybe I’m not the best at — at first — but through that effort and experience, I learn so much. 

Awards & Recognition

Starlight Theatre Blue Star Awards: Blue Valley Northwest — Outstanding Costume Design & Construction for Disney’s Freaky Friday
Blue Valley Arts Showcase - Digital Photography “In Between”
Grand Champion of 2022 Neewollah State Festival (incl. Best Color Guard in 2022 and 2023). Selected to perform 2024 Rome New Year’s Day Parade